With his debut The Last Of Our Mountains, Edel has learned that home, love and youthfulness are neither innocent nor simple.  Born in rural Alberta, his youth was spent between rocky mountains and vast wheat fields. These landscapes shaped the album; a sharp and urgent collection of 8 songs that give way to the adventurous, compassionate and delicate.  

Produced by Vancouver’s Winston Hauschild (Hannah Georgas, Hey Ocean), the making of The Last Of Our Mountains saw, a new human being birthed, the last use of Mushroom Studio’s vintage gear, an emergency trip to the hospital and many passages across the Strait of Georgia. The collection is bookended by Bottom Floor Apartment, in which smiles reassure and The Country Where I Came From where the longing for the idea of home and infinite possibilities of youth and love grow narrow.  Mike Edel has since relocated from his family’s wheat farm to the seaside city of Victoria BC, where he has quickly formed a personal and musical home.   
Mike Edel is no stranger to touring, he has toured across Western Canada 5 times and the Pacific Coastal States on 3 occasions.  Since relocating to Victoria, Edel has grown to be one of the city’s best singer/songwriters. He’s performed at The Rifflandia Festival, The Tongue on the Post Folk Festival, selected as the Peak Performance Projects Top 20 artists in BC 2012, and won Rawlco Radio’s 10K20 grant while playing alongside Vince Vaccaro, Aidan Knight, Michael Bernard Fitzgerald and Chad Van Gaalen.  

Press: "The Last of Our Mountains" (2011)

"a delicately catchy record that rolls through its eight tracks as freshly and easily as wind across the harvest."  Calgary Herald

"Edel's voice is Damien Rice having a metting with Dan Mangan..." See Magazine

“In the last two years that Mike Edel has been in Victoria he has established himself as one of the region’s go-to musicians” Times Colonist

"Jumping off from this dramatic end-of-innocence moment, Edel examines the transition to a new reality moving forward from young adulthood necessitates." Kelowna Capital News

"'The Country Where I came From' not only is a wonderful homage to home, wherever that may be, but uses the simplicity of a banjo and hand claps to to perfection." Grey Owl Point

"There's a definite, discernible sound to his songs." The Martlet

"The Country Where I Came From is about living the rural life, which still appeals to Edel - at least in the philosophical sense. "The song asks the question: What more can the heart of a man desire than living a quiet life in the country?" said the singer." Red Deer Advocate