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Photo Credit: Brian Van Wyk



Challenger is about the 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger tragedy. The song presents a heightened moment of clarity and asks for a response: What will we do in in the face of adversity? The song uses the past as a lens to view the present and the future.


31 - Single Art

'31 is an 'I Won't Back Down,' thirties is the new twenties inspired anthem. It's about your friends getting real jobs, buying houses, renovating their basements to their newly purchased homes, then renting it out and talking about real estate all the time.' - Mike Edel




Go With You - Single Art

'Go With You is about change and vectoring forward into the unknown without regret. I love the synth lines and the hi-hat drums - It’s a departure for me, both sonically and rhythmically and I’ve very into it.' - Mike Edel

'We filmed the music video with one of the people that's been through everything with me in life, the best guy I know, my dad Larry.' - Mike Edel