I get tired making the new 31 Music Video

Hello Friends!

I just celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving in my hometown for a couple of days, and took a few days to relax, enjoy family and reflect on the good things in life. I felt thankful, and often it seems like thankfulness is more a state of mind than about the things you’ve got.

I am thankful for everyone who has listened to ‘Go With You’ and ‘31,’ and that 31 is on the CBC Music Top 20, receiving airplay in Canada and in the US also. There are some other good things happening with it also, so I am super pumped to share a new 1-take-music-video for the song. My friend Jordan and I shot it in 1 take, but I think it captures the essence of the song. I hope you enjoy and please share the song far and wide. Check out the premiere on Indie88 out of Toronto too!

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10/19 Rochester, NY | Sofar Sounds DETAILS

10/20 Burlington, VT | Nectar’s DETAILS (free show) FB LINK

10/21 Asbury Park, NJ | The Saint

10/22 New York, NY | The Rockwood (6pm) FB LINK

10/23 Washington, DC | Sofar Sounds DETAILS

10/24 Toronto, ON | Burdock (6:30pm) TICKETS FB LINK

10/25 Ottawa, ON | Cafe Dekcuf TICKETS FB LINK

10/26 Hamilton TBA | Jilliard Guitars TICKETS FB LINK

10/27 London, ON | London Music Club TICKETS FB LINK

10/28 Waterloo, ON | Sofar Sounds DETAILS


My new song FINISH LINE is out now to stream everywhere:

Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2teBvqW

Youtube: http://bit.ly/2F6E97n

Apple Music: https://apple.co/2FbhlPK

Have a hundred listens, playlist it, share it w/ your friends and thx thx thx.

Time is important. Not important in the way we need more of it like a currency, or that it’s passing us by, or that we need to move faster and get in a big damn hurry. It’s important because it’s the currency of relationship, learning, becoming and it’s the currency of good art, good music and a good song.

I wrote this song as Alissa meandered through school at her own pace and on her own timeframe and really understood that I needed to chill out. It ended up really helping me with writing and recording new music, and not to worry about the world, and others and what I might not have, but to really value long walks and space and things like this.

There’s a marathon in your mind, there’s no clock there’s just a FINISH LINE.

One of my best buds, Ethan Hulse released his album today, check it out - I listened to it 4 times yesterday.

You might remember him from the time he toured western canada with me and I told this ridiculous story about how he ordered a 'Wayne Gretzky' from Tim Hortons' secret menu only to be dissapointed.


Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/0oiFM8FVTxAu0VwDMOq7df

iTunes: https://itun.es/us/D3Pncb

Youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXoDrNmelK8



The Hip

This year has seen David Bowie, Prince and other renown musicians face their mortality and pass away.  Today I have seen news on my instagram and twitter feeds, while perusing through them, not wanting to start an early day that Gord Downie from The Tragically Hip has terminal brain cancer.  I was never the biggest Hip fan, if only that they were a band slightly before my time, but I have felt their purely Canadian legacy throughout my own life in small small ways.  It is a nod I think to an artist, and a band more than something 'I remember from highschool' - but to music that somehow spoke to and created a culture.

1. Beiseker Blazers - I had an assistant to the assistant coach one year playing Bantam hockey for the Beiseker Blazers.  He smelled like alcohol some early Saturday morning games, but he was probably my favourite coach, the most kind in my memory and I remembered that he played the drums and loved 'The Hip' - This was when I had fist started to play the drums, probably about grade 8, and I was happy that there was some mention of music in the hockey dressing room. I had no idea who 'The Hip' were - but I remember his eyes lit up and he unmemorably described how they were the best band that will ever live. Then one night in Golden, BC on a 'tour-stop rehearsal' in Golden , BC at The Rockwater - another band joins the bill, and sure enough Steve Richter is playing the drums, we put this all together, and I reminded him how much he loves the Hip.

2. Lucky Bar - Colin McTaggart's Kermode features Jason Nassichuk as the lead singer, and myself as the bass player. I remember how much Colins auroa oozed this music, and I had trouble understanding exactly how we were supposed to be, until I just sat back and repeated this bass line over and over and over and over.  After this I felt like I had my study in the music of The Hip. We played 'Nautical Disaster'

3. Rifflandia 2010 - I think it was 2010 Gord Downie played at Market Square, and I was there to see Hey Rosetta! obviously.  But that is the only time I felt this vibe, seasoned and still honest and very raw. I remember not really knowing Gord Downie at all, but respecting and admiring his vibe and his art.