CBC Ottawa THRESHOLDS interview w/ Alan Neal

I visited CBC Ottawa yesterday and talked about THRESHOLDS with Alan Neal. It’s one of my favorites ever.

The full interview is here:

Alan dug up some of the earliest records about my music he could find and it brought him to my Calgary Herald Class Act award from 2004, a high school achievement, where my career goals were ‘music.’ He wondered which town I actually grew up in, Linden? Or Acme? And brought everything around to the new record and the theme of THRESHOLDS and recording it with Walla.

After the 15 minute interview, Jeremy Buller and I walked through the bustling Ottawa newsroom and left the CBC building, and I had a deep energy and could only describe it as intense. It felt good. The value of research and listening and good journalism and thoroughness was in full evidence and the fullness and weight of THRESHOLDS felt real to me. It was good.

CBC Radio has been a huge support, having a platform and an avenue for good Canadian music to land is great. I am a huge supporter/listener and am very thankful.