Blue Above The Green (Video Blog 1)

The Peeps

Robin Levielle

I met Robin Levielle (pronounce it with a French accent) through my friend Jorge who did India, Seattle’s album art and also directed the video for the Closer.  Robin is ‘the shit’ as I like to say.  But he really made this video awesome in everyway and it’s so nice to do small shoots, and turn a project around pretty quick.  Robin was so agreeable but has a defined aesthetic that I really like Check out Robin’s Stuff here.

robin levielle


Devin Landis

Devin is one of my best friends and I didn’t think of him at first for this video, but when he crossed my mind I thought he would be perfect.  He is totally the character that fits this video and he looks good. More than looking good though, Devin is the nicest flirt you’ll ever meet and he thinks falling love is fun.

devin landis


Alycia Chan

A mailbuddy of mine.  Alycia Chan is a friend of mine through Malibu a Younglife Club and also I would say is a good flirt also.  I thought Alycia has a great smile and I think she has fun easily and I really thought her personality fits this character.  Although her and Devin had never met, I thought they would be a good fit together.

alycia chan


Alissa Swank

Probably my favourite person on the shoot.  She’s all about the feathers and probably inspired that, and some of the 80’s aesthetic and is an all around super help, from spotting to stylist to someone who kisses me.

alissa swank



Larry drove his boat and told me I didn’t have to fill his mustang up with gas afterward


Justin Wotherspoon

Justin is a really good friend of Robins and he has been editing and he is going to do the post-production on the video.  He is probably going to be the saviour of this video in reality.  He seems like a great dude and I really would like to meet him out in Toronto.

mike edel