!earshot college radio

 #8 on the National Canadian College radio folk charts. It's like I finished the race at the elementary school track meet and got a ribbon. And I have a smile on my face.

The business of music often seems so fragmented, sometimes I get 10 emails a day from some new company offering cheap vinyl printing, the next big streaming service signup, or the big break showcase (if I submit a $40 festival application).  There are awards, some which are legit, some which are half legit and some which are good for one tweet that 'I am a winner at art' just disappears into the Internet.  I told some of my new friends that are working on my new album that I love music because ultimately the art and the business are about people. And I believe this to be true.  But in the same breath, it feels important to me to be validated as an artist, and though I believe I have a healthy outlook, some nods, awards, reviews and charts do honestly make me feel validated. And I don't think it is entirely about me.  It is about the hope that someone is listening, and not listening to commerce or profile or coolness, but to art, truth and expression. Ultimately I believe this is the heart of it.