October Tour Dates

10/10 - Calgary, AB - The Ironwood - Event

10/11 - Lloydminster, SK - Harvest Moon Festival

10/12 - Edmonton, AB - UP + Downtown Festival – Event - Tickets

10/14 - Linden, AB - Linden Alliance Church – Event

10/15 - Golden, BC - The Rockwater - Event

10/16 - Vancouver. BC - The Biltmore Cabaret – EventTickets

10/17 - Kelowna, BC - Streaming Café – Event

10/18 - Seattle WA - House Show – EventTickets

10/24 - Victoria, BC - Upstairs Cabaret – EventTickets


Mike Edel's The Closer (Music Video)

Here is the Music Video for 'The Closer'

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Mike Edel's The Closer from Mike Edel on Vimeo.


The Closer - New Song

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In Alberta, on the plains north of Calgary, the winters are long and cold they bite with big white teeth.  These rural, simple and hardworking people sit patiently by their fires and wait for summer, a summer that is always short and hot. 

When I was 6, I would jump into the backseat of my dad’s pickup truck as he would drive my brother, Jamie, all over the country to his baseball games.  I loved baseball.  I loved baseball almost as much as them.  I would stand beside my friend Ryan and we would watch the game and watch our brothers and look through the chain link fence with our young keen eyes.  We saw the balls, the strikes, the out’s and the coach’s walk to mound; but what we waited for was the foul balls. 

If a foul ball flew over the fence, Ryan and I would sprint like outfielders to track it down in a race that was always even because we both got our fair share of foul balls as far as I can remember.  With the ball in one of our gloves, we would saunter over to a little white shack that always needed a paint job and the old Mrs. Claus looking lady at the concession stand would hold out her big soft hand and we place the ball into it like we were at a carnival.  With her other hand she handed us a quarter.  We would hand it straight back to her for 2 licorice’s and chew them all the way back to the chain link fence.  I loved baseball.

My dad also loved baseball. He would be the guy that sat on the bleachers holding one of those baseball scorebooks, the one with the coils all down one side and with a thousand little baseball diamond pictures inside where he would translate the game into this picture language. He must be really good at remember pictures because he would keep the score in this book game after game, and there were lots of them, and now at 67 years old he still remembers all these plays in the baseball game.  My brother hit a triple down the right field line to drive in 3 with the bases loaded in Oyen to win a Provincial game. Another time, with runners on first and second Jamie caught a line drive, stepped on second and overthrew the neighbor kid (Shawn Gorr) at first only to cover the bag and get all 3 outs by himself. 

My dad remembers this.

I wrote a song called The Closer. It’s a story about a pitcher in a small town, a lot like the one I grew up in, who is pitching a perfect game into the 9th inning.  But his mom runs onto the mound and tells him that he needs to leave the game because his dad has had a farming accident. So the coach brings in the closer with a 2-0 lead in the 9th inning.  He gives up a walk.  Then a single.  Then a home-run.  They lose the game 3-2 in the 9th. 

I think that sometimes we think that these small moments in small towns don’t matter, but the truth is that they do. 

The baseball diamonds, and the hockey rinks and the community centers are the theaters where life takes place for these people.  They are the stages that hold the metaphors for the joys and the tragedy’s of simple life.  Everybody comes in the heat of a short summer and sits there, cheering and groaning and feeling joy and heartbreak together.  And they all love baseball.


The Closer Teaser


Mike Edel's The Closer (Teaser) from Mike Edel on Vimeo.

I learned so much collaborating on this music video for a song of mine called "The Closer." 

It's about baseball. I have lots of baseball memories. Baseball is an adult game but to me it's mostly a kid game, like in sandlot. When I was at the farm about a month ago helping Larry with seeding, I found an old team photo, we were probably about 12 I think. 

My brother was the assistant coach, and big Mitch Price was the Head Coach. He looked like he was going to yell at the umpire after every pitch but in reality, and in practice, h was as tame as a kitten.  His daughter was the only girl on the team.  Chelsea Price, she was really good. There was the time our left fielder, Brian Sawchuck, got hit in the face with an overthrow at first while he was sitting in the dugout, it's probably the most blood I had ever seen up until that point in my life.  My friend Kyle played first base and traipsed around like the game was a carnival most of the time.  And I liked that.  We turned a triple play together one time in this little God-forsaken town called Langdon.  You drive all the way across the #1 Highway and the first thing you see in the town is the baseball diamonds.  There wasn't really anybody there watching but I snagged a line drive at shortstop, stepped on second and threw it over to Kyle at first base.  That was one of my favorite baseball memories.  There are a lot in fact.  

I like baseball because it's a team game.  It's a game where one person can win it for your team, and the same person could lose it.  But it always feels like you win together and you lose together.

These new friends of mine that helped create this video, they really reminded me of what working in a team is like.  I appreciate that.  I think we really got that part of baseball down.  We are going to release the video in a few weeks and here is a little taste of what we have been working on.


Tour By Train | April 21 - May 6

Pretty excited to be playing these Spring dates with my friend Tyson Motsenbocker.

4/16 - The Backstage Lounge | Vancouver, BC 
4/18 - Upstairs Cabaret | Victoria, BC 
4/21 - Whitworth University | Spokane, WA 
4/22 - Central Washington U. | Ellensburg, WA 
4/23 - The Bartlett | Spokane, WA 
4/24 - The Crocodile | Seattle, WA 
4/25 - Acoustic Emporium | Chilliwak, BC 
4/26 - House Show | Bellingham, WA 
4/27 - Mississippi Pizza | Portland, OR 
4/29 - Hotel Utah | San Francisco, CA 
5/5 - Olivenhain Meeting Hall | Encinitas, CA 
5/6 - Room 5 | Los Angeles, CA
5/8 - The Central Bar - CMW | Toronto, ON


Working on the new record

The new record is in the works and at this point nearly finished.  I'm pretty excited about it in fact. I'll keep you posted and will probably be playing a few shows in Washington and California and out in Toronto and also here at home in Victoria in the next couple months.  Hope you are well.


Fall Tour Dates

We have some Fall Tour dates coming up in November and love getting to Washington and Western Canada.  A New record is in the works, but we need to come see you faces and be with you once more before that happens.

Check out the dates below and ticket links etc.


Mike Edel Fall Tour

11/4 Gig Harbor, WA - Miracle Ranch
11/5 Ellensburg, WA - Central Washington University
11/6 Bellingham, WA - Western Washington University 
11/7 Spokane, WA - Whitworth University
11/8 Wenatchee, WA - Pybus Public Market
11/9 Seattle, WA - Q Café - 
11/14 Edmonton, AB - The Artery
11/15 Calgary, AB - The Ironwood
11/16 Calgary, AB - The Ironwood
11/22 Vancouver, BC - TBA
11/23 Victoria, BC - Fairfield United Church

Tour Facebook Event:


Summer | New Video

Summer has been great! I have lots of demos I have been working on early in the summer and also spent a month at Malibu Club Younglife Camp.  I'll be playing some shows in Western Canada and Washington in the fall as well as recording a new record. Peace be the journey (Cool Runnings)

Check out this new song. From my heart to yours.


Writing, Vancouver, Calgary, Serena Ryder

It's been great to have some good time to write in this season. I'll be writing, demoing and recording through much of the summer, playing a few shows, and working on the farm.  May 4 @ the Biltmore in Vancouver, May 12 in Calgary, and June 25 opening for Serna Ryder at the Royal Theatre in Victoria (That's awesome)

Thanks for your patience in this season and for checking in.



Alberta dates w/ Wool on Wolves

In the midst of writing this winter, Myself and the crew are joining Wool on Wolves for a few shows in Wintery Alberta in February including their Sonic 102.9 Band of The Month Showcase @ The Starlite Room in Edmonton.